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Advocates in Rockville Centre call for lawmakers to enforce stricter gun laws

Participants say they feel inspired by the survivors of Parkland shooting who are now demanding gun control


ROCKVILLE CENTRE — In response to the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, last week, one organization kicked off the weekend by hosting an evening of advocacy for gun violence prevention.

“It’s pretty scary that I’m going to a public school and that these things happen all over,” said Teddy Batkin of Rockville Centre.

“I had to cry because it's happening more and more often,” said Sharon Stanley in reference to the 17 students and faculty members who were killed on Valentine’s Day.

Surviving students of the Parkland shooting are now advocating for gun legislation. Their activism is energizing many on Long Island to take a stand.

“I am in favor of reasonable gun control, but I was really inspired by the kids,” said Rockville Centre resident Ed McDougal.

“One of our missions has been to get people back into the room and talking to one another about things that we consider to be basic human rights. So, gun violence prevention, for example,” said Emma Travers, co-founder Raising Voices USA. The organization was responsible in hosting the event. Travers says they are turning their anger and pain into action.

During the event, participants filled out postcards with different messages. Those writing to federal representatives were encouraging them to vote "No" on CCR.

“Concealed Carry Reciprocity, a law that would allow people from other states that have a permit to a concealed firearm to bring it to our state,” Travers explained.

The messages were written to state representatives to encourage them to support red flag laws.

“Which would allow friends and neighbors of someone who has a gun to report them to the police and have that gun taken away from them,” Travers said.

All participants hope their messages will be heard.

“I'd like to see something done that’s practical, as opposed to just idealistic,” McDougal said.

Members of the organization added that they will not give up and will continue to push for gun legislation.

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