Krista McNallyMay 25, 2018, 6:00 pm

People skip school, work for unofficial kick-off of Bethpage Air Show

Thousands gather at Jones Beach for annual air show


JONES BEACH – Some individuals skipped school on Friday for a first glimpse at the high flying planes at the unofficial kick off of the fifteenth annual Bethpage Air Show. The air show is ranked top five in the country. Two years ago the show broke a record of attendance with over 450,000 people viewing the show, people are hoping this year can top that.

"I can see that people have caught on that Friday is the day to come," Merrick resident Carol Berger said. "It’s awesome seeing these planes flying all over the place, upside down and backward, especially over the ocean, it can't get better than this.”

"It’s an annual thing we love to see the planes and it is so much fun," Baldwin resident Lindsey Duet said.

During the unofficial kick-off pilots practiced in the air.

"Just to see the air show practice, it is so pretty here I can wait," Bellmore resident Rebecca Kourmourdas said.

Famous Geioco Skytypers Pilot Jim Record said this year’s show will introduce brand new elements.

"We actually have a new demo this year, it will be the first time we show it in New York. It is really very dynamic and in your face," Record said.

The Bethpage Jones Beach Airshow will be taking place from May 26 to 27.

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