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Workers in Village of Amityville vote on whether to take Sept. 11 as paid holiday

Employees were asked to decide because village board usually determines days off


AMITYVILLE — Workers in the Village of Amityville have voted on a change to their work schedule when it comes to days off.

The workers were asked if they would prefer to be off on Sept. 11 or on Black Friday. And after taking into account the votes of 59 full-time workers, the unanimous choice was the day after Thanksgiving. This year marked the first and it may prove to be on the only year when village workers were given the day off on Sept. 11 as a paid holiday.

Workers were asked to make that choice between Black Friday and Sept. 11, also known as Patriot's Day, because of a village policy. This policy only allows full-time workers to be paid for eight federal holidays and four additional holidays that are decided by the village board.

When village board members approved Sept. 11 as an official holiday back in November of 2016, many village workers were unaware that it would result in losing Veterans Day as a paid floating holiday.

Mayor Dennis Siry worked as a New York City firefighter on Sept. 11. Mayor Siry tells FiOS1 News that while he thinks everyone in the country should have Sept. 11 off and use it to do volunteer work, he is honoring the wishes of employees who would rather have a 4-day weekend when their family is traveling or when their kids are home from school.

"If you're going to take the day off and do volunteer work and do community work and do something good, if you're just taking the day off to have the day off and go shopping or have a barbecue like all these other holidays, that's not the way to respect 9/11," Siry said.

Even though Village Hall will be open for business on Sept. 11, the village is expected to hold events that day to remember all those who lost their lives.

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