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Community groups ensure homeless have warm Thanksgiving meals

Last year’s annual holiday dinner at Ross Park in Brentwood fed approximately 3,700 people


BRENTWOOD — On this Thanksgiving, the difficult circumstances faced by homeless people, especially homeless veterans are not being forgotten.

"Some people are living with blinders on and think that this is getting better. It’s not. For the seven years that I’ve been doing this, it has increased," said Deborah Kirnon, the president of Feed the Need South Shore. Kirnon says her group's annual Thanksgiving dinner last year at Ross Park fed approximately 3,700 people, Most of those who ate were homeless.

"This year, I couldn't do as much as I wanted to do because I have been fighting cancer,” Kirnon says. “So, I almost didn't do it, but then our legislator stepped up and she’s like, ‘you know, I‘m going to come and help you.’"

Thanks to Leg. Monica Martinez and other community groups, Kirnon's organization once again picked homeless people and brought them to the park. It is there where they received a hot meal or a warm coat, hats, gloves, scarves, and personal hygiene items. And all of this is to help them get through the winter.

One person benefitting from this year's event is Harold Heming who became homeless earlier this year. He's been sleeping at the Brentwood Long Island Railroad station while his wife is at a shelter.

"It really helps me out with everything, you know. I stay out of trouble, you know. That's what I’m trying to do, stay out of trouble,” Heming said. “My wife's at a friend's house for Thanksgiving. So when she gets back, I have some money for her this Friday. I panhandle a lot and everything."

Heming says the blankets and other supplies handed out at events like this are very appreciated within the homeless community.

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