Logan CrawfordNov 18, 2017, 1:25 am

As the weather gets colder, flu season settles in to stay

Doctors recommend season flu shots to prevent further illness


NEW HYDE PARK -- Cold and flu season is approaching.

Dr. Moshe Ephrat, an ear, nose and throat specialist in New Hyde Park, says it's getting to be that time when patients will be coming in with a cold or the flu.

"This time of the year it's cold,” says Dr. Ephrat. “Your immune system drops a bit, there's a lot of viruses going around and that's where you're going to catch your infection."

If someone has a fever and their muscles ache, then they could have the flu. Ephrat says it's important to get a flu shot; germs can be spread easily around the holidays by coming into close contact with friends and family. He recommends everyone six months of age and older to get the shot. Symptoms of the flu or a sinus infection differ from seasonal allergies.

"These viruses can get people very ill and even hospitalized."

Flu season is typically from September to May. Doctors say a good rule of thumb is to get the flu shot before the holiday season.

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