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Higbie Bagels back in business

Customers are excited to have their favorite bagels back


WEST ISLIP – Higbie Bagels is now back in business following a violent crash nearly three years ago that damaged two businesses. In September 2015, Suffolk County Police said Michael Bidetti lost control of his Maserati around and slammed into Higbie Bagels and Flavor Crisp Chicken.

Higbie bagels had been around since the 1970s; however, the bagel shop is under now new ownership. But Manager Frank Castillo said it retains what people loved.

"As far as the recipe, definitely the same recipe! Might even be the same bagel! Is the quality the same? The truth is in the pudding! You bite into it and you say, 'I recognize that!'" Castillo said. "This is part of their memory. You may not know them personally, but everybody bites into that bagel feels a memory and it brings them back. So if you can get in touch with that memory, it's as if you share something.”

Castillo said that since the bagel shop reopened last Thursday, he's been delighted by the reaction from longtime customers.

"What did you go with yourself for the past three years? I went somewhere else! It wasn't as good!” West Islip resident Tommy Roth said.

"Everybody loves that they're back. It's on Facebook. Everybody's talking about it. We're very happy for them and we're happy for us!" West Islip resident Michelle Herzing said.

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