Krista McNallyNov 23, 2017, 6:34 pm

The less fortunate receive Thanksgiving meals, new clothes and new haircuts in Bay Shore

Volunteers picked up people from shelters and streets to ensure a happy holiday for them


BAYSHORE — A church on Long Island is helped the less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

"Before this I was eating out of the garbage for Thanksgiving," said John Caspers of Brentwood. Caspers would have spent this holiday alone if it were not for the Escuadron de Guerra Church.

The volunteers at the church picked up people from shelters and even found homeless people on the street that they drove to their Thanksgiving celebration.

"We were forgotten about, so these people come and they care for us, pick us up on the street and gave me a ride here. So, it’s really nice. I really appreciate it," Caspers said.

The volunteers provided the less fortunate with a delicious Thanksgiving meal and new clothing.

"We need to give back to the people because some people don't have any food or homes, so we just want to give them a nice Thanksgiving," said Yaderly Reyes of Bay Shore.

As a community, they enjoyed each other’s company, made some new friends, and even got to leave with a new 'do'.

"I feel like if I have the skill, I like to put it to good use," said John Jimenez, who along with Lorraine Knoblauch, volunteered their time to give haircuts to the those need.

"When you look good on the outside, sometimes you feel good on the inside. It all works together," Knoblauch said.

"They walk out of here happy, It’s is one day out of the year where they can come and feel like they are part of something." Jimenez said.

For people like Caspers this was a thanksgiving he will never forget.

"It’s just good, caring people coming out and helping one and other," Caspers said.

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