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Bay Shore pet store pleads for safe return of stolen Maltese puppy

American Dog Club manager says the dog is in danger as the breed is prone to low blood sugar


's been three days since a puppy was stolen from a Bay Shore pet store and the store's manager is worried the teacup Maltese may be in danger if it's not properly cared for.

The 9-week-old teacup Maltese, no greater than two pounds and worth well over $2,000, is believed to have been stolen by a man and woman on a busy Friday at the American Dog Club.

“About 2:20, one of my employees came back and said we have an issue. I said, ‘what's going on?’ She said, ‘someone just took a dog.’ I literally just started running,” American Dog Club District Manager Annmarie Mancuso said.

Mancuso ran in vain, searching for the puppy in cars at the parking lot of the Westfield South Shore Mall after the female dog was stolen from an enclosure that was located closer to the front of the store. The theft happened in an instant.

Because teacups are prone to hypoglycemia — their blood sugar can drop to dangerously low levels— Mancuso is concerned for the dog’s wellbeing

“The first signs, their gums start to go white, then the second sign, they start to walk sideways, and then they can go into a seizure. And this can all happen in an hour period and if someone is afraid to bring the dog to the vet, it can go wrong very, very quickly,” she said.

This particular breed is supposed to be fed drops of sugar in its five small meals per day and drops also put in its mouth three times a day, Mancuso says.

“We have three locations. A location at the Smithaven Mall, Massapequa Mall and here. I don't care if they drop the puppy off, it does not have to be this location if they feel uncomfortable and think someone's gonna recognize them here. So if they go to the other locations, all they have to do is see a salesperson with the American Dog Club symbol on the shirts, just hand the puppy and walk out the door,” she said.

Mancuso says there's no video of the theft itself but she says the man and woman believed to be involved were captured on mall surveillance just after the theft.

The Suffolk County Police Department has not yet released any video.

Officials are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-220 TIPS.

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