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Ron LeeJul 24, 2018, 12:43 pm

Project aims to directly connect Bay Shore LIRR station to Fire Island ferry terminals

Construction on pedestrian and biker friendly $2.15M Bay-Way Corridor set to begin this fall


BAY SHORE — For anyone who takes the Long Island Railroad to reach the ferry terminal for Fire Island, it can be very confusing to figure out which way to go due to lack of signage or road markings. Yet next spring by Memorial Day, Town of Islip officials are looking to make it less confusing for pedestrians and bikers to head to the ferry terminals.

In a phone interview, Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter said a new project will pave the way for improved roadways and better drainage.

"The road is going to be widened. It'll all be brand new. So it's really just a win, win, win for everyone," Carpenter said.

Construction on a new pedestrian friendly, Bay-Way Corridor Project is set to begin this fall. The corridor will connect pedestrians and bikers from the Bay Shore LIRR station through downtown, and to the Fire Island ferry terminals.

The $2.15 million project is expected to include bike lanes and handicap-accessible sidewalks. It will also feature ferry drop-off zones and a new traffic circle near dockside restaurants to ease congestion amongst vehicles.

Public works officials with the Town of Islip say the project is in the final stages of grant review and that bids for construction should be expected soon.

Meantime, FiOS1 News has reached out to the owner of a taxi and shuttle company that takes passengers directly from the LIRR station to the ferry terminal. However, it is not yet clear how a pedestrian friendly walkway might affect their business.

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