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Bipartisan coalition formed to fight Cuomo’s Sound tunnel proposal

Officials in Oyster Bay say the project would damage the aquifer system, increase traffic


OYSTER BAY — The fight to keep a tunnel connecting Long Island to Westchester from being built has evolved into a bipartisan coalition that aims to block the project.

Democrat Assemblyman Carles Lavine and Republican Oyster Bay Supervisor Joe Saladino joined with many others to announce the formation of the Coalition Against an Unsound Crossing.

The proposed tunnel by Governor Andrew Cuomo would connect Westchester to the northern part of Oyster Bay.

"The Coalition Against an Unsound Crossing has studied documents exposing the pitfalls this tunnel proposal brings," said Peter Janow, the executive director of the group.

Janow says it would increase traffic, create an imminent threat of eminent domain, pull money from other infrastructure projects, and risk damaging the aquifer system.

"Let’s put this in perspective, the annual budget of Nassau County is only $3 billion, Suffolk County: $3 billion. We are looking at a 20-fold increase on a one-single project," he said.

The tunnel could cost as much as $55 billion to construct and 20 years to complete.

Governor Cuomo outlined what he says are some of the benefits of the project when he announced it in January.

"It would reduce traffic on the impossible Long Island Expressway and would offer potential significant private investment," Governor Cuomo said.

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