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Brookhaven National Lab applies for patent for non-reflective glass

Scientists use nanomaterials to eliminate glare from material that can potentially be used for eyeglasses, windshields and more


SHIRLEY — Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a new type of glass that doesn't reflect light, therefore eliminating glare. Creators of this new glass say it could be used in the future for things like smart phone screens, eye glasses, and car windshields. The user wouldn't have any glare from the sun or other lights.

The team at Brookhaven National Lab's Center for Functioning Nanomaterials developed the glass. Scientists have been working on the project for a number of years, wanting to change the way light interacts with material.

With this new glass, scientists insert tiny nanomaterials billionths of a meter high into regular glass. These "moth eye" cones let light pass through the glass, which does not bounce off, that in turn would create glare.

These nanomaterials are nothing new, but the way Brookhaven National Lab scientists are placing them in the glass is unique.

The lab is applying for a patent for this new glass. The lab is also speaking with a number of different glass makers to see if this invisible glass can be used in products for the public.

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