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Long Beach weekend bus service restored after a month

Residents say the service will help the working class, riders with disabilities


TOTOWA –One person is dead after an apparent stabbing Sunday at a Quick Chek convenience store on Union Boulevard at Passaic County. Investigators have gone outside of the Quick Chek parking lot to set up police tape as far as a half block away. Crime scene investigators from the Passaic County sheriff's office have also been making the rounds here on Union Boulevard.

Paterson resident Jan Thomas said he was there when the incident occoured.

"A gruesome sight to see, getting a cup of coffee in the morning", Thomas said. "Gentleman that was on the ground he was stabbed, I think he was stabbed more than one time. I come to get a coffee here I see all the officers here and I look inside the window and I see the person in the window all bleeding the officers trying to revive him.”

Thomas thinks the spillover of crime from the city is to blame for the incident.

"Totowa is the border lines all the drugs that happen in the parking lot here- you know the drug busts they got," Thomas said. "This place over here before also was robbed before at gunpoint this is the second this is more than one time"

However some Patron residents, like Mohammed Chowdhury said the incident is unexpected.

"This is the first time I saw something happen so now I’m quite concerned," Chowdhury said. "Sometimes we come at midnight late night like 2 a.m. or 3 a.m. in the morning,it's quiet you know nothing happen"

Chowdhury said that even during the early morning hours, the Quick Chek is safe.

"We only want safe, a safe and nice and clean city, safe city, when we go outside we want to be safe go home safe, that is what we want, we need more safety" Chowdhury said.

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