Jun 22, 2018, 6:08 pm

People near Ramada hotel hospitalized for chemical reaction

During routine pool-maintenance, acid and chlorine wrongfully mixed


ROCKVILLE CENTRE — Six people at the Ramada hotel in Rockville Centre were transported to Nassau University Medical Centre after being exposed to a chemical reaction. Police said a hotel employee was mixing chemicals as part of routine pool-maintenance. Unfortunately, the wrong chemicals were mixed, and people nearby inhaled the concoction. First-responders temporarily evacuated the area around the pool. Instantly greeted with a gas cloud due to the reaction between an acid and chlorine, a HAZMAT team and Baldwin firefighters were called to the scene and roped off the pool-area.

Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Michael Uttaro says the pool will be closed for the next few days, and hotel guests will not be impacted. In the meantime, the chemical will dissolve in the pool water and the county health department will test it before letting guests re-enter.

According to the assistant chief fire marshal, the people who were exposed to the chemical reaction have non-serious injuries.

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