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Tackling the problem of speeding in school zones on Long Island

FiOS1 News joined Nassau police as they cracked down on drivers going over the speed limit in New Hyde Park


NEW HYDE PARK — Speeding in a school zone can cost more than a hefty ticket – it can also cost lives. Last week, FiOS1 News went out with police as they monitored speed near a New Hyde Park school.

The speed limit outside Manor Oaks School is 30 miles per hour, but one wouldn't always know it.

“So far this morning, the fastest one was 57 in a 30 mile speed zone,” said Officer Todd Atkin, who is a Problem-Oriented Policing, or “POP” officer with the Nassau County Police Dept.

“We are able to take some time and spend it at the schools where it's needed. We work with the community to find long-term solutions for ongoing problems for a long-term solution,” Officer Atkin said.

One of those ongoing problems includes speeding drivers.

Officer Atkin checked the speed of drivers recently outside the school on Hillside Avenue. One driver that Officer Atkin stopped was scanned going 15 miles over the speed limit.

New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Morrison says the intersection at Hillside Avenue and Avon Road is particularly dangerous because there's no crosswalk. There is one a couple blocks up, but rather than walk up, people cross at the aforementioned intersection. Several families did so while FiOS1 News was there.

Dr. Morrison says she sees cars speeding all the time.

“We have families trying to cross, we have children carrying book bags and instruments, and parents carrying smaller children trying to get across this incredibly busy road, and it's just very dangerous,” Dr. Morrison said.

The several hundred students attending the school get dropped off or walk. There are no buses because everyone lives close to the school.

Dr. Morrison is hoping for a crosswalk and Officer Atkin is trying to help her get one. The decision will be up to the state. Ideally, Dr. Morrison would like a light at the location.

"NYSDOT will conduct a full review of the crosswalk request when our office receives it," the New York State Department of Transportation said in a statement.

Something to keep in mind, Officer Atkin says speeding in a school zone can cost drivers as much as $250 plus fees.

If that doesn't faze drivers, Officer Atkin recommends trying this:

“Drive like your child goes to the school. Make believe your child is being dropped off and you want people to drive the way you want them to drive with your child,” Officer Atkin said.

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