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Suffolk PD: Crane operator was drunk when he caused multiple crashes on LIE

Brian Sinclair, 47, allegedly caused destruction for several exits before patrol officer was able to bring him to a stop


SELDEN — A construction worker from Riverhead is facing some serious charges after the crane he was driving struck several cars on the Long Island Expressway on Tuesday night.

Brian Sinclair offered no words as he left the Sixth Precinct to head to his arraignment Wednesday on multiple charges, including driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of an accident.

Suffolk County police say by the time a highway patrol officer was able to place Sinclair under arrest, the 47-year old had already left the scene of multiple crashes as he drove eastbound from Exit 57 to Exit 63 on the LIE.

Police say Sinclair was intoxicated when the crane he was driving struck a Nissan Altima and then three others cars around 6:20 p.m. by Exit 57. But it wasn't until he approached Exit 60 that a highway patrol officer spotted Sinclair driving erratically.

Authorities say Officer Joseph Goss was able to jump into the passenger compartment of the crane as Sinclair began to slow down and he ordered Sinclair to stop the vehicle. However, his crane did not come to a complete stop until they reached Exit 63.

"I thought he was going to crash and kill somebody. So my primary goal was getting that car stopped and keeping other motorisists away from him because if he made a slight contact it would just shred their car apart," Goss said. "I ran out of the vehicle, jumped on the steprail of the cabin of the truck I opened the door fortunately for me it was unlocked and I was able to use my service weapon and was able to convince him to put it in park which he did"

Detectives say Officer Goss and three of the drivers whose cars had been hit sustained minor injuries.

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