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Curran plans ‘different narrative’ for Nassau in State of the County address

She outlines 3 important goals and how she plans to reach them


GARDEN CITY — Laura Curran began her first address by calling the State of the County fragile, outlining her vision for a “better” Nassau.

"Together we can create a different narrative going forward," Curran said.

Curran says her vision for Nassau is built on three pillars: ethics in government, fiscal integrity, and economic growth. The Baldwin Democrat promised to restore ethics and confidence in the county on the campaign trail, and she began her term by taking steps to ban appointees from holding leadership positions in any political party. She also set a “zero tolerance” gift-giving policy between vendors and county employees.

“We are implementing other contract procurement reforms as well. No longer will just one person have the ability to consider and approve a contract,” she proclaimed.

Curran, with members of the legislature, secured two contracts to complete property assessments to improve fiscal integrity. And on Monday, she signed an executive order that will unfreeze the tax rolls.

“The law is designed to protect homeowners who otherwise would be hit with immediate drastic increases from a reassessment,” she said.

Curran also noted new initiatives to keep crime down, using modern police practices. A new community-based initiative will impact on the opioid addiction crisis by using real-time mapping to identify communities with drug activity crimes.

“The department then deploys police resources over a very short period of time into the area to arrest, inform, and communicate with residents of the community,” Curran said.

Curran also mentioned school safety as a top priority with several initiatives, including each school district being assigned a police officer to coordinate a response plan.

“We must be able to support economic development through a host of projects including new housing options and efforts while we also care for our environment,” she said.

Curran noted many projects the county is hoping to invest in, to grow the county tax base, create jobs, and promote local businesses, including potential economic development at Belmont and the construction of a new police academy.

“We must execute public works projects on time and on budget while tapping into Nassau's local contractor and labor force for jobs, jobs, jobs,” she said.

Curran says some of the promises she made during her campaign will take time to come to fruition but she thinks “together

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