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Suffolk PD: Early morning hit-and-run reported in Deer Park

Witness tells FiOS1 News he saw a woman lying on the ground as car sped off on Bay Shore Road


DEER PARK, — A stretch of Bay Shore Road near Skidmore Road was blocked off to traffic for five hours as the Suffolk County police investigated a hit-and-run that left a person injured.

All that police can confirm at this time is that they received a 911 call around 2:05 a.m. to report a hit-and -run on Bay Shore Road.

One man who was inside a nearby 7-Eleven tells FiOS1 News that he heard the loud crash.

"I thought he hit a car. It sounded like a loud noise, so I went outside. She was on the ground. He was gone," said Dennis Contesti of Deer Park. He added that by the time he got outside, it was difficult to get much information about the car that struck the woman.

"It was like a mid-sized car. I don't really know what kind ‘cause by the time I got out there, he was already gone," Contesti said.

At this time, police are not commenting on the condition of the woman who was struck.

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