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Democrat runs for Congress to help ‘middle-class families get a foothold’ in life

Progressive who worked for United Nations is challenging incumbent Congressman Tom Suozzi


WOODBURY — A Nassau County progressive Democrat announced Tuesday that he would be challenging incumbent Congressman Tom Suozzi in the Third Congressional District.

"Part of my plan is bringing better paying jobs back to the district and growing our tax base in order to have people, like myself, who are in our 30s come back and settle here and start our families," congressional candidate Josh Sauberman said.

Sauberman is a local businessman and film producer who worked as a policy analyst for the United Nations. He says wants to lift all New Yorkers who struggle to have their voices heard.

"My opponent Tom Suozzi belongs to the Problem Solvers Caucus. Which is a federal form of the IDC, which up in Albany, is Democrats voting as Republicans," he said.

His own legislative priorities are getting funding for infrastructure improvements that will protect Long Island from another superstorm, investing in schools, lowering property taxes, and Medicare for all to alleviate the burden on companies paying for employee benefits.

"I have a platform that was carefully thought out. It is available on my website where I tell specifically what I'm going to do to help working and middle-class families get a foothold," he said.

The Democratic primary for the congressional seat will be June 26.

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