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Portion of Southern State Parkway renamed in memory of Det. Steven McDonald

Part of roadway is re-christened after hero who is remembered for his faith and courage to forgive shooter who paralyzed him


MALVERNE — A portion of the southern state parkway has been renamed after Steven McDonald, the New York City detective who famously forgave his shooter despite injuries that left him paralyzed.

On Friday, a sign that reads Detective Steven McDonald Memorial Highway was unveiled in a tribute to the man loved by so many. The western part of the Southern State Parkway is now named in McDonald’s honor.

“I used to have long car rides with my dad up to Boston or D.C. or Philly, and that point where we knew we were home was that bend from the Belt Parkway into the Southern State,” Conor McDonald said. “So to know that I’m going to see his name there, he's always going to be with us.”

It was just over a year ago when the world lost the man known for his exceptional strength, faith, and power to forgive. McDonald was left paralyzed after being shot on the job and famously forgave the teen who shot him.

McDonald’s wife Patti, the mayor of the village of Malverne, made it clear that the Malverne community has helped her and her son to heal following his death.

“To have the opportunity to be here in the Village of Malverne to do this is just so special to me and I just want to say thank you to all of the residents form this beautiful village that are here today to support my family,” Mayor Patti McDonald said.

Before the parkway tribute came to be, legislation first had to be passed in New York State. And this was something Long Island lawmakers could all agree on.

“Steven endured a million times more than what we could ever imagine, and none of it made him bitter none of it made him mean and none of it made him shrink into himself,” said Den. Todd Kaminsky.

“It's very sad. I wish I had Steven here with me like all the families that lost their loved ones. But to know that he has not been forgotten and that they'll be forever a sign on the parkway that Steven traveled so often it's just beautiful,” Mayor McDonald said.

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