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Drive against proposed Long Island Sound Tunnel

Residents feel like the additional traffic would destroy their community


SYOSSET – There was a drive in Oyster Bay on Wednesday to get Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reconsider his proposal for the Long Island Sound Tunnel. The proposed tunnel would connect Long Island to Westchester County would start right around here on Jericho Turnpike and Route 135 in Syosset.

Cuomo first announced plans for the tunnel’s construction in January, with the goal to reduce traffic and increase revenue for Long Island.

"It would reduce traffic on the impossibly congested Long Island Expressway and would offer potential, significant, private investment," Cuomo said.

However, some residents said the tunnel would do more harm than good.

"The whole character of the North Shore would be totally ruined by all this traffic. I'll have to put my house on the market because I don't want to live in the city, but this would just bring the city out here," Locust Valley resident Joan Schultz said.

Some local law officials have also joined in the fight are concerned what this tunnel could possibly do to the community. On his Facebook page, Nassau County Legislator Josh Lafazan said, "I have been vocal about this issue from the beginning -- this proposed tunnel would be a disaster for the area, and I will use both my position as a legislator and my voice as a citizen to continue fighting this proposal until the day it is finally defeated."

However, some locals agree with Cuomo’s plan.

"They’re creating more ways to transport and faster ways to commute," Syosset resident Mustavo Ibad said.

Some residents are torn between what would be best.

"I guess I could see both sides because, for somebody like me, my family is in Massachusetts, so it'll make my commute a little bit shorter to get off the island, but for residents who live here I can see how the traffic is going to be a pain," Oyster Bay resident Katie Schupak said.

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