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SPCA: Drowned, decomposed cat found in carrier at Moriches Bay beach

Officials arrest West Hampton Dunes man for allegedly killing his mother’s cat


HAUPPAUGE — A West Hampton Dunes man was arrested by Suffolk County SPCA for allegedly drowning his mother's cat.

Michael Moskowitz, 53, is facing felony charges after a decomposed feline was found in its carrier by a group of volunteers cleaning up a beach at Moriches Bay, officials say.

The cat was allegedly drowned in June, and months later in September, the decomposed feline was found on the beach. SPCA was immediately notified on the discovery, and started their investigation.

"He didn't want to spend the money to have it done by a veterinarian, to have it euthanized, so he decided to put it in a carrier, and took it down to the backyard — he lives on the water — and he sunk it and let it go," SPCA Chief Roy Gross said.

Gross says a group of volunteers cleaning up the beach on Gull Island discovered the decomposed cat in the carrier and immediately called SPCA to report what they found.

“This was on Sept. 18. We began our investigation as SPCA detectives which lead us to the perpetrator,” Gross said.

Moskowitz was arraigned in Southampton Court Monday, where he was later released on bail for $2,500. And is due back in court on Nov. 6.

So what makes this case of animal cruelty a felony?

“Because he had the intent unjustifiably to kill the cat, which is a family member. This is his mother's cat,” Gross said.

Gross says Felony Aggravated Cruelty to Animals is popularly known as "Buster's Law," named after a cat that was doused with kerosene and lit on fire.

He's hoping proper consequences are upheld to these heinous acts and that perpetrators aren't "let off easy."

“It’s heartbreaking but we have to get that message out there that animal cruelty will not be tolerated and if you witness any animal cruelty, please call Suffolk County SPCA,” he said.

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