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Local leaders come to Baldwin to hear students’ concerns on ‘Elected Officials Day’

Next generation of voters say it’s important to get involved in community affairs to move it forward


BALDWIN – Just three weeks before Election Day, Sen. Todd Kaminsky, Sen. John Brooks, Leg. Kevan Abrahams, and Hempstead Council Member Dorothy Goosby all made a special appearance Tuesday in the Baldwin School District not to talk about their campaigns, but to listen to students' concerns.

"The students that are here today are at a point in their lives where they have an opinion, too. They have objectives and we need to take those into consideration. We have to hear about their concerns," said Sen. John Brooks.

The students selected to be part of the day's conversation were picked from Advanced Placement government classes and were chosen based on a form they filled out with their questions. As the next generation of voters, students say they're incredibly appreciative to have gotten this opportunity.

"It's important that we get involved in our communities and make sure everyone is on the same page as us, and most importantly, that we progress together as a society and as a community," said senior Sam Salazar.

Politicians talked about a wide variety of topics with students, ranging from public policy to affordability to education.

"Letting them know, that as leaders, we care about them and that we're hoping they step up, I think it’s great. It was a really great discussion today," Sen. Kaminsky said.

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