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Elementary school garden teaches kids how to grow their own food

Gardening turns into a science lesson for Baldwin families


BALDWIN — Schools may be out for the summer, but that isn't stopping elementary school students and their families from studying soil and gardening.

Throughout July and August, students and their families are taking turns caring for Baldwin's school-based gardens.

“What we are trying to do is build an outdoor learning space in our elementary schools,” said Nomi Rosen, administrator for professional development.

The students who tend to the gardens also get to harvest the vegetables.

“They understand their hands helped grow it and it makes them want to eat it,” mother Natasha Parker said.

Gardening and the study of the local outdoor environment is embedded into the science curriculum at the elementary school to make the subject easy to understand and more relatable.

“For second grade, it is soil. For fourth grade, it will be sun and native gardens,” Rosen said.

The vegetable gardens are a result of the second-grade science curriculum, the study of soil. And the native gardens were built in collaboration with Seatuck Environmental Association Schoolyard Gardens Program to learn about Long Island's local environment.

Rosen says down the road, they plan to expand the garden and donate the fruit and vegetables to a food pantry for those in need.

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