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Final farewell to Northwell Health physician lost to 9/11-related illness

Dr. Michael Guttenberg died 16 years after the terror attacks


NEW HYDE PARK — A Northwell Health physician in New Hyde Park was laid to rest on Thursday after succumbing to a 9/11-related illness.

Dr. Michael Guttenberg passed away from pancreatic cancer at age 50 on Tuesday, 16 years after the World Trade Center attacks.

Guttenberg was an FDNY EMS fellow at the time of the attacks.

"He grabbed a team and went to Battery Park. He was one of the initial first responders that were at the World Trade Center doing triage and treatment and getting people back to the safe point at Battery Park," Northwell Health Paramedic Supervisor Keith Wilken said.

He survived and saved many other lives as well. Dr. Guttenberg spent 30 years delivering emergency medical service to New York and later became executive director and senior vice president of the emergency medicine service line at Northwell Health.

"He succeeded, he took care of people. He ran in when others were running out," said Fred Guttenberg, Dr. Guttenberg’s brother.

He is survived by four siblings, his parents, and eight nieces and nephews.

“The loss we have had of Mike being taken so soon, I think, is something that we are going to feel for a very long time," Wilken said.

Family and friends say Dr. Guttenberg will be remembered as a dedicated physician and 9-11 first responder.

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