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FiOS1 News Exclusive: Teen calls mom, stepdad killed in crash ‘wonderful people’

Collision in Brentwood also left 17-year-old Juan Carlos Moriga’s sisters in serious condition


BRENTWOOD — Two people are dead and two children are in the hospital with serious injuries following a head-on crash just south of the Long Island Expressway on Sunday.

In a FiOS1 Exclusive, FiOS1 News reporter Ron Lee spoke to 17-year-old Juan Carlos Moriga who said the crash claimed the life of his mother Erica and his step-father Olvin Jimenez. The collision left his two siblings in serious condition, according to Suffolk County police.

Moriga said his mom and step-father only got married about a year ago. Jimenez entered Moriga’s life when he was four and that he considered his step-dad his father. Moriga calls both “wonderful people."

Detectives say around 1:40 p.m. Sunday, Jimenez was driving his Toyota Corolla southbound on Crooked Hill Road in Brentwood just south of the LIE when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed into the northbound lane and struck a Toyota RAV4.

Police say all three occupants from the RAV4 suffered injuries that were not life-threatening. Jimenez and his wife, however, were pronounced dead at the scene while two of the couple's children, ages two and 10, were rushed to a hospital with serious injuries.

When asked if his sisters are able to talk, Moriga answered “Andrea yes. Alison, no… not this moment."

Moriga added that he has three younger siblings and he said despite the loss of his mother and step-father, he is hopeful that an older family member will be able to keep all of the siblings living under the same roof.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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