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Former Yankees pitcher plays ball with young baseball fans

Sports hero visits Farmingdale camp to teach America’s pastime to the next generation


FARMINGDALE — Former New York Yankees player Aaron Small has no ties to Long Island but that doesn't stop him from making annual visits.

"I live in East Tennessee. They asked me if I would like to be a part of a camp that are going to put on for kids here in the Farmingdale area. I said, ‘count me in,’" Small said.

For five years now, Small has partnered up with the Crossroads Church of Long Island to teach baseball and life lessons to kids aged six to 11 years old.

"Aaron will spend three hours taking pictures, signing autographs. He's got a nickname for all these children out here," Crossroads Church of Long Island Pastor Jamie Rogers said.

It’s not every day you get to face a former major league pitcher which is why many campers are not taking their at-bats lightly. Though fun is the main goal of the four-day Crossroads Baseball Camp, Small also wants kids to know that baseball can be tough at times

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