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Lynbrook PD inspector diagnosed with ALS recipient of fundraiser organized by police

Inspector Ron Fleury says he is amazed by the community’s generosity


LYNBROOK — Department police inspector Ron Fleury was joined by his extended family, hundreds of law enforcement, at a fundraiser in his honor Wednesday night. And while this family may not be the traditional one, it's a brotherhood nonetheless.

“It's just amazing to see this. To see how the community and the police community came together, it's overwhelming. It really is,” Inspector Fleury said.

Fleury was diagnosed with ALS, commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which affects nerves in the brain and spinal cord. The long-time Lynbrook inspector spoke with FiOS1 News about his love for the job.

“Just to be able to help people and it's the best job ever,” Fleury said.

To be on the receiving end of help is something fleury likely couldn't have imagined a year ago. But everything changed 11 months ago when he received his diagnosis.

ALS is as rapid as it is detrimental and with it, comes costs, expenses that are beyond what insurance covers.

“There is a new drug out and we've heard it's very expensive, so it will help with that cost as well,” said Fleury’s wife, Donna. She says the money raised Wednesday will help pay for any medical devices needed as well.

The Fleurys have three sons, which Donna cares for, and now, her husband as well.

“It's hard. It's getting harder. And it's sad just to see what's happening to him,” she said.

Wednesday's event was organized by the Lynbrook PBA, with police coming from all over the area to support one of their own. Fleury's praises were sung by his colleagues.

“A great cop, an active cop, a great supervisor, great manager. A real cop's cop,” is how Lynbrook PBA President Joseph Cipolla described Fleury.

“One of the greatest I ever met, he’s great worker and we miss him dearly at work,” said Lynbrook Police Chief Joseph Neve.

It's hard to know right now how much money was raised, but one thing that was certain was that people were very generous: one check was made out for $2,500.

“We were called by the Lynbrook PBA and we responded,” said Mike Polansky of the Greater Long Island Running Club.

And respond they did.

The Greater Long Island Running Club and David Lerner were behind that $2,500 check.

The Fleury family has a Go Fund Me page titled “The Ronald J. Fleury Family Trust” that was created by the Lynbrook PBA president.

“It’s an amazing group of guys that I work with and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it,” Fleury said.

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