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Hundreds gather for funeral of officer killed in car crash

Friends, family say that Michael Colangelo was the first person to call if they ever needed anything


SYOSSET – Hundreds of friends, family, and coworkers, saluted Michael Colangelo, 31, during his funeral on Friday. Colangelo had only been married for just a few hours, when his life was cut short during a car accident. In addition to being a K9 officer with the NYPD, he had also worked as a volunteer firefighter in Syosset for 13 years.

Colangelo and one of his friends, detective John Martinez, reportedly went out for a celebratory ride in a Maserati late Sunday, when they crashed into a tree and died. Neither man was wearing a seatbelt during the crash. However, a third unidentified person was wearing a seatbelt and did survive.
Funeral attendees spoke positively about Colangelo.

"Smile on his face, a fun loving guy, a definite jokester around the firehouse, but a hard worker too,” Syosset Fire Department member Robert Leonard said. "As a department, this is a tragedy for us. Especially under the circumstances on the day of the wedding - Katherine was very important to him."

"Mike was the first guy you'd call when you needed something. He'd be the first one to answer the phone, he was just a really good friend," K9 United member Matthew Giunta said. "It's hard every day. Because you come in and you're still waiting for him to walk through the door with that big jolly smile and his flip-flops, and hang out."

Those who worked with him said they hope that his family and widow can find peace. Colangelo leaves behind his wife, Katherine Berger, as well as other family members.

"You think of the positive impact Michael made in his 31 years, and the many friends he made that are gathering here today to honor his memory, and you try to move in a positive way forward with his legacy," Syosset Fire Department member Robert Leonard said.

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