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Give him a hand: Adelphi student decides to start college major in puppeteering

It’s a major shy people thrive in, according to puppeteer Sebastiano Ricci


GARDEN CITY — One Adelphi University student is hoping to take the world by storm as a puppeteer, and he is starting by creating his own college major in the art form.

Adelphi sophomore Sebastiano Ricci has always loved puppets. He's an only child and a self-professed shy person who says puppeteering is something that always came naturally.

"A lot of puppeteers are very shy, which is why they're puppeteers because all they have to do is hide behind this character and the audience doesn't have to see you; they have no idea you exist. You can be performing one of the world's most well-known puppets, but then you can go into the store, buy a loaf of bread, and nobody knows who you are," Ricci said.

Ricci is trying to make his dreams a reality and also make history for the university by designing the first-ever major in television puppetry at Adelphi through their interdisciplinary program which will combine classes from the art, theater, and communication departments.

"Some of our students say they're interested in puppets, but they don't have the real drive to make it happen on their own," said John McDermott, associate professor of theater.

And Ricci has thought about that often, hoping to someday work for Sesame Street, the Jim Henson Company, or even for Disney with the Muppets.

"But honestly, as long as I'm doing puppetry and performing and making people happy, that's really all I care about," Ricci said.

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