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School in Great Neck takes hands-on approach to keep flu at bay

Administration gives lesson on hygiene by using black light, powder


GREAT NECK — Preventing the spread of the flu is extremely important, especially this year. One middle school on Long Island is uniquely educating students, staff, and parents to combat the flu epidemic.

"You can have a situation where one student interacts with hundreds of other kids throughout the course of the day. So, we need to make sure if anyone is contagious or not feeling well they stay home so they are healthy and they don't impact the other student's health," Great Neck Middle School Principal Jerry Cozine said.

The Great Neck Middle School Principal Jerry Cozine is taking a proactive approach to keeping students and faculty protected from the flu. The students are being taught — and reminded frequently — about how to not spread germs among one and other. And a video message and letter was sent home to parents with important tips on how to stay healthy during the winter. School officials also employ a hands-on lesson in hygiene with powder.

“One of the most popular lessons we teach students is that we have this powder that we put on their hands and then when they get back we put a black light over it, indicating if they did a good job washing their hands or not," Health Education Department Chair Michelle Sicurella said.

The trick to properly washing hands is to scrub for the duration of the "Happy Birthday" song, which is the proper amount of time to remove bacteria.

The middle school is also trying to keep the nurses’ office germ-free by asking students to wash their hands before the entire or leave.

At this point, flu season is not over, and this multi-pronged approach by Great Neck Middle School will hopefully help guard children from contracting the flu in the coming months.

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