Rebecca FernandezMar 10, 2018, 1:45 pm

Community members to protest oncoming construction of downtown center

People in areas around Dix Hills do not want the Heartland Town Square project in their backyards


DIX HILLS — Dozens of people are projected to rally against the Heartland Town Square project on Saturday because they believe it will destroy the way of life in the Dix Hills area. The Four Towns Civic Association, which includes many of the surrounding neighborhoods, has started a lawsuit against Heartland and the Town of Islip, hoping to make the project downsize. People in the organization hope to stop a miniature city from forming in their backyards.

The Heartland Town Square was approved to be built on 450 acres of land just off of the Sagtikos Parkway. It is intended to create a downtown center with entertainment, housing, office space, and over one million square-feet of retail space.

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