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Hempstead official wants town attorney to review all public notices under supervisor’s term

Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney and Supervisor Anthony Santino battle over use of mass mailers


ROSLYN — Town of Hempstead Councilwoman Erin King Sweeney wants the town attorney to review all public notices issued since Town Supervisor Anthony Santino took office. This comes after she said a public hearing on limiting the use of mass mailers just before an election was adjourned early because she was told she didn't provide timely notice.

“…We knew we had provided timely notice. So we were barraging the town attorney’s office with all of our information to support our position. And then they were backed into a corner when they realized ‘wait, Erin did provide timely notice.’ And then they said, ‘Oh wait, there was a problem. They did not provide the requisite brief explanatory notice.’ But we said, 'No, we provided the same notice that you provided with your fake ethics legislation,'” Councilwoman King Sweeney said Friday.

She said the town then had to pull back and now will need a re-vote on Supervisor Santino's ethics reform law. As part of this new law, there would be an outside income limit of $125,000 in order for elected officials serve in public office.

“There’s no question it was personal. It was aimed at Councilman Bruce Blakeman and myself to remove us from office because we have independent voices. We challenge things, we have a brain, we’re free thinkers and he doesn't like that too much and we’ll fight this tooth and nail,” Councilwoman King Sweeney said.

Supervisor Santino has responded by in a statement that reads:

"The issue of governmental mailings is a serious one. The town and the supervisor intend to have the town board address the matter. Hastily pushing for an election evening hearing on the issue clearly indicates that some officials are more concerned with playing politics than adopting sound public policy."

Councilwoman King Sweeney vows to continue her opposition until there is a resolution.

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