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Hempstead school board creates plan to improve troubled district

School officials try to move ahead after federal judge rejected ousted superintendent’s request to be reinstated


HEMPSTEAD— A Long Island district known for having low graduation rates and gang violence has a plan to overhaul its issues.

Hempstead School District parents say they are hopeful that the district will take a “positive turn” after hearing the school board plans to improve the troubled district.

Acting Superintendent Regina Armstrong drafted the plan and says for each area of concern there are suggested corrective actions. For school safety and security, the suggested solutions include increasing security staff and upgrading the camera system.

“Ongoing training will take place in that area. We must make certain we upgrade security cars for district patrol, and all officers are equipped to do their duties," Armstrong said.

Other aspects include governance. In the past weeks, school board meetings have been rowdy and drawn out due to divided school leadership. For these solutions, the board plans to dip into the general fund and a smart bond fund. If the plan is successful, the district could be taken off the state's list of dysfunctional districts.

State Appointed Advisor Jack Bierwirth says they will be continuously monitoring and submitting quarterly reports to state education commissioner, but he's hopeful the plan will work.

"I can have all the hope in the world, but it's whether things are being done, we will uphold you to that, and that's what I will be paying attention to," Bierwirth said.

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