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Investors set to revive My Father’s Place, an iconic Roslyn venue that closed in 1987

The club was frequented by big names like Bob Marley and Blondie


ROSLYN — An iconic Roslyn venue that brought some of the biggest names in music to Long Island before it closed 30 years ago is reopening close to its original location.

Back in the 70s and 80s, John Martone frequented the legendary music venue, My Father’s Place, which brought in iconic names like Bob Marley, Billy Joel, and Blondie.

Martone says every time he passes Bryant Avenue, it takes him down memory lane.

“Different genres of music, I liked bluegrass, country, rock. We saw some amazing people come through like Doc Watson, and Vassar Clements. And then there was incredible blues like B.B. King, and I remember a front row seat,” Martone said.

The music venue is making its comeback with help from the Roslyn Hotel and other investors.

Sumeer Kakar with the Roslyn Hotel says the new club will feature a 'supper club' for established acts. He says reopening the venue allows them to integrate with the community by making something people are nostalgic about, new for today.

“When they walk in it will be a great design, a speakeasy feeling, a totally different atmosphere in terms of intimacy of live music something that's fun and culturally involved,” Kakar said.

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