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Jack Martins: Curran should answer for Democrats on ballot accused of crimes against women

Democratic candidate for Nassau County Executive fires back against her opponent's claims


FREEPORT — With only two weeks until the Nassau County Executive election, Republican Jack Martins is calling out Democrat Laura Curran for what he calls "hypocrisy."

On Monday, Nassau County Executive Republican nominee Jack Martins accused Laura Curran of going silent after three Democrats on the ballot were accused of crimes against women.

"There are three people on the ballot this year on Laura Curran's team who have a history of domestic violence, raising their hand to women or have been accused of harassing women and she should answer for that," Martins said.

Curran fired back by saying that she already called for Nassau County Legislator Carrie Solages to resign after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

"This just strikes me as a desperate smear campaign and my opponent clearly doesn't have the facts. First of all, I called on Carrie Solages to resign and I continue to call on him to resign," Curran said.

On the day Carrie Solages was arrested in June, Laura Curran had this to say said that she was "deeply disappointed by the allegations” and that if the allegations are true “Solages needs to resign and be held accountable."

But Martins says what she said was not enough.

"She equivocated, she said 'if’ it’s true," Martins said.

Martins claims Curran is supporting Dean Bennet who, he says, was accused of threatening behavior against a female employee and Dan Heart who he claims has a history of violence against his mother.

"When it involves your own party, stand up and take a stand up for what is right and protect women," Martins said.

But Curran says Bennet has no sexual harassment charges against him. And as for as Dean Heart, she says she only knows that a restraining order was lifted when he provided his side of the story.

"Sexual harassment is indefensible, there is no question about it," Curran said.

Martins and Curran will go head-to-head on Nov. 7 to determine who will be the next Nassau County Executive.

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