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John Venditto acquitted of all federal charges in corruption trial

Former Oyster Bay town supervisor accuses government of over-reaching


CENTRAL ISLIP — Former Oyster Bay Town Supervisor John Venditto has been cleared of all charges in the federal corruption case involving Ed Manango and his wife, Linda Mangano.

“From the very first day I stepped in law school, I believed in this system, and after what I saw today happen in court today, I can double down on that,” Venditto said walking out of court on Thursday.

The standing jury foreman went down a list of numerous counts, with a litany of not guilty on each one.

Federal Judge Joan Azrack said, "Mr. Venditto, you are excused. Good luck."

Venditto replied, “Thank you."

Venditto still faces state charges but was calm throughout the verdict reading. His wife, Christine, cried as one of their sons, Michael, a former state senator, prayed out loud.

Venditto says this case has opened his eyes to the criminal justice system, accusing the government of over-reaching.

“When I see the power the government has over a defendant, it made me wonder about how many men and women are in jail today because maybe they couldn't get a lawyer to represent them of the caliber that I got,” he said.

Venditto was accused of being part of an alleged scheme to give restaurant owner Harendra Singh $20 million in loans guaranteed by the Town of Oyster Bay.

The jury remains deadlocked on Ed Mangano and his wife, Linda. Mangano is accused of taking bribes and kickbacks from Singh, along with an alleged $100,000 a year no-show job for his wife.

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