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New Jones Beach bike path set to open

State park officials: The path will open 6 months early


JONES BEACH – A 4.5-mile addition is planned to be added into the West End area of Jones Beach that was made back in 2013, so beachgoers can bike throughout all the beach. The new path will have bike racks, traffic signs, and lighting for those who'd like to use it when it's dark out.

"We have road hazards that can flatten your tires, pedestrians. This is a safe way to do long distance bicycling for recreation, so I enjoy coming here," Seaford resident Chris Rogers said.

The path was supposed to be completed by the summer of 2019, however, state park officials said they can speed up construction it will actually be done six months ahead of schedule.

"The fact that they're going to open up another almost five miles is going to be awesome for families and just to enjoy the beautiful weather," Merrick resident Kris Cerciello said.

The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation began the $3,500,000 project this past April.

Residents said they are also excited to walk and hike the path.

"But not only bike it! You'll be able to walk it and hike it, and actually use that to do other things, to go along and enjoy the more natural side to jones beach," NY Sparks Deputy Regional Director George Gorman said.

"It’s good to have the options. We like to walk, but we've talked about maybe getting a bike sometime and coming out here and bike, and being able to do it right by the water I think is a great thing also," Floral Park Patrick Carmody said.

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