Chelsea IrizarryJan 30, 2018, 9:40 pmFeb 6, 2018, 2:31 pm

Judge denies ousted Hempstead superintendent’s request to return to work

The board of education wants to investigate how he handled school issues while in office


CENTRAL ISLIP — A federal judge has decided that the ousted Hempstead Superintendent Dr. Shimon Waronker will remain on administrative leave with pay.

Dr. Waronker was requesting an injunction against the board and the immediate reinstatement to his post but the board says it wants to investigate how Warnonker handled school issues in office, and to do that, he can't be in the district. He says he was denied due process, but the board says they did not do deny him that, they only put him on administrative leave. Waronker says a stigma was created by the actions taken against him, the judge disagreed.

Frederick Brewington, Waronker's attorney they plan on continuing with legal action.

“We're dealing with a temporary restraining order, which is the first step dealing with injunction relief,” Brewington said. “What they don't want to do is answer questions, which is really what now will take place. A temporary restraining order doesn't require that, but a permanent injunction does."

Warnoker says the truth will come out and he will continue the legal fight.

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