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Judge orders pit bulls to be euthanized after mother, baby attacked

Both victims had to undergo surgery


HEMPSTEAD — A district court judge has ordered the two pit bulls who attacked an Elmont mother and her 2-month-old son last week to be euthanized.

The dogs’ owner, Muriel Perales, learned the fate of her pit bulls, Alpha and Omega, in court Tuesday. Perales was in tears during the hearing She won't be criminally charged.

Police say the dogs mauled Perales' tenant and the tenant's 2-month-old son.

"She's very upset over her own animals. I'm sure, and she's upset over the fact that her tenants got injured," Deputy Town Mayor Brad Regenbogen said.

Police say the attack happened last week when landlord Perales opened the door to her tenant and the tenant’s baby. The dogs ran out and mauled the two.

"Both dogs attacked. One attacked the mother, the other attacked the child. So they were both involved in this horrific incident," Deputy Town Attorney Brad Regenbogen said.

Officials say the mother and her baby are still in the hospital, having undergone multiple surgeries.

A lawyer for the victims didn't want to give his clients' names, but says this isn't the first time Perales' dogs have caused trouble.

"There was a prior incident with the older daughter that occurred back in August that we're looking into," said Alan Davis, the victim’s lawyer.

The family lawyer says he's not sure how long the mother and baby will be in the hospital.

The pit bulls could be euthanized within a week.

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