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Capsized kayaker rescued on Lake Ronkonkoma

Little girl first noticed the kayaker was trapped, got her father to call 911


LAKE RONKONKOMA – A kayaker on Lake Ronkonkoma who suddenly capsized was rescued on Saturday after being noticed by a Rob Egan and his daughter Amelia. The kayaker, 56-year-old Eric Jerome, was unable to free his foot from the capsized boat.

Suffolk County Police say it was just after 11 a.m. when they were called to Lake Ronkonkoma about a kayaker who had flipped over,” Egan said. "He was quite a distance out. I called out to him, 'hey, do you need some help?’ [and he said] 'Yeah I need some help.”

"I'm looking down at my cell phone and my daughter was gazing out and she noticed a guy fishing in his boat who was there one moment, and gone the next."

Amelia first noticed Jerome was in distress. Egan called 911 and police, as well as a Town of Islip Lifeguard swam out to Jerome to help him to shore.

"I saw a guy flip over on a boat and he was gone and I saw his arms waving," Amelia said. "The cops all came from all directions."

Authorities evaluated Jerome on shore but he refused any further medical attention.

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