Krista McNallyFeb 12, 2018, 8:20 pmFeb 13, 2018, 11:36 am

Lawmaker wants President Trump’s infrastructure plan to focus on state’s water issues

Congressman Suozzi says cleaning up waterways would positively impact Long Island taxes, quality of life


LINDENHURST — President Donald Trump unveiled an infrastructure plan Monday, showing a focus on fixing highways, ports, roads, and airports. The $200 billion-project will be funded by the federal government to leverage local and state tax dollars. The money will come from cuts to existing programs.

Locally, Congressman Tom Suozzi says infrastructure dollars should be spent on Long Island's sole aquifer.

"We really have to focus on water and sewer; it affects our legacy, our quality of life, our taxes," Suozzi said.

Gov. Cuomo also highlighted the importance of investing in infrastructure in his state budget speech last week on Long Island. He discussed projects that are already in the works, including building new airports and modernizing the Long Island Railroad while also investing in cleaning the bays.

President Trump says the new federal plan will speed up the permit approval process from 10 years to two years or less to get projects moving.

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