Ron LeeMay 4, 2018, 2:24 pm

LIRR riders say little has been done to revitalize train station in Lynbrook

MTA announced more than a year ago a $10M overhaul of the station


LYNBROOK — When a promise is made but not kept, it often leads to negative emotions. And disappointment is what a number of commuters who use the Lynbrook LIRR station are feeling after plans to pump nearly $10 million to renovate the station appear to have been all talk.

"It's sad when you see a year go by ‘cause then you start realizing that the promises are not going to be fulfilled anytime soon," said LIRR rider Lukeisha Paul.

The MTA announced more than a year ago that part of its capital program called for the LIRR to invest nearly $10 million to overhaul the Lynbrook station. The plan also called to make preventative repairs in and around the station.

Some of the upgrades were set to include a new, translucent canopy, brighter led lighting, security cameras, new platform waiting rooms and better signage. But fast forward to more than a year later and commuters have seen no major improvements to the 80-year-old station.

"If you take a look underneath, you can see all of the decay and erosion. So, falling debris is definitely something that people should be concerned about." Paul Caruso of Lynbrook.

Crumbling staircases and an uninviting, smelly waiting seating area also await improvement.

An LIRR spokeswoman said in a statement that all planned projects are now under review by the new LIRR president, Phillip Eng "with a focus on efficiency and the customer experience."

Meantime, State Sen. Todd Kaminsky says the LIRR has committed to doing important structural work in Lynbrook later this year.

"The concrete trestle that the platform rests upon and that we see so many cracks and chips that is actually falling to the ground, work on that is to begin later this year,” Sen. Kaminsky says.

While he plans to fight for funding for a complete overhaul of the station, Kaminski says the MTA has not given him a clear answer on why it appears to be doing an about face when it comes to upgrades that were announced for the station in Lynbrook.

"The platform level improvements have been delayed and there's no real plan as to what will happen with them or how much money is going to get put into that. And that is concerning," Kaminsky says.

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