Ron LeeJan 17, 2018, 2:04 pmJan 18, 2018, 2:30 pm

LIRR riders disgusted after video of train bathroom faucet pouring dirty water goes viral

Railroad says car was removed out of service and water quality is being checked on other trains


HUNTINGTON — Normally, when one goes to a faucet to wash their hands, the expectation is that one’s hands will get cleaner, not dirtier. But now thanks to a video posted on Twitter, several Long Island Railroad commuters say a bottle of travel-sized hand sanitizer is beginning to sound like a very good investment.

The video shows what appears to be brown or black sludge spilling out of a faucet Monday afternoon on a Huntington-bound LIRR train. And in the Twitter post, the rider who took that video wrote: "Today the LIRR hit a new unsanitary low, hopefully I don't start mutating."

In response, the LIRR says what is seen in the video is not toilet water. Officials believe the discoloration came from one of the points where they draw water. In addition to removing that particular car from service, officials say the LIRR is flushing out the spigots, checking water in all of its train cars, along with draining and refilling supply tanks.

Seeing the video, however, is training some customers to think twice when it comes to deciding just how badly they need to use the restroom when they're on a train.

The LIRR says it wants to make sure a situation like this does not happen again.

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