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Local Iranians watchful of violent and deadly protests back home

Many who emigrated from Middle Eastern countries settled in Great Neck


GREAT NECK — For the past six days, images from Iran have shown young people demonstrating about issues such as corruption, unemployment, and inflation. The images of the protests have kept many Americans of Iranian descent glued to the news and to social media.

"[I] hope the rest of the world are with the Iranian people and take over the government," says Roland Eshaghoff. He is among the hundreds of Iranians who settled in Great Neck after fleeing his home country around the time of the Islamic Revolution back in 1979.

"It's unfortunate people die, but this is the result of a revolution. Some people get hurt. Some people get prosperous," Eshaghoff says.

At this time, at least 20 people, including a police officer, are believed to have died. And while the cause of the unrest is complex, some of the protestors are seeking freedom, justice, and basic liberties. Others are calling for a regime change. Although the violence in Iran is taking place about 6,000 miles away, it is certainly hitting close to home for a number of Iranian-Americans who live in Nassau County.

Great Neck Mayor Pedram Bral emigrated from Iran when he was just 14. In a phone interview with FiOS1 News, Bral said he was closely monitoring the situation. He added that he is praying for the people of Iran.

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