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Breweries launch initiative aimed to support local businesses

‘Local to Locals’ promotes products produced and sold on Long Island


OCEANSIDE — Several Long Island breweries are working together as part of an initiative to support local businesses.

"Local to Locals" is a campaign dedicated to supporting local economies and promoting products produced and sold by independently-owned manufacturers and retailers. The event kicked off on Tuesday with the release of a collaboration beer from seven Long Island breweries, easily recognized by a distinct logo.

"Both manufacturers and retailers face similar struggles and obstacles on a daily basis, and this is just a way for us to pull together to make sure we support one another," says "Local to Locals" founder Andrew Preston.

The logo lets consumers know that what they're purchasing is coming directly from local businesses. The logo also lets consumers know that most of their money is going back to the community.

According to a study by the American Independent Business Alliance, about 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses is recirculated locally. That’s compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at big box stores.

"It helps benefit people, the stores; it helps benefit the breweries and, of course, the customers." Spider Bite Beer Co. owner Larry Goldstein says.

The first beer in this collaboration will be available at 54 independently-owned retailers from Valley Stream all the way to the Hamptons.

The goal is to eventually expand the concept to local bars, pubs, and restaurants as well.

"When Sandy hit, the brewery got shut down for a while and the community really stood behind us when that happened. So, any way that we could give back with raising awareness to these guys being there for us and us being there for them," says Barrier Brewing Co. brand manager Bobby Carlo.

The cases of beer with the logo will be distributed to local retailers on May 7.

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