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Conference in Brentwood highlights how lockdown technology can save lives

Latest technology aims to increase safety at public places like schools and libraries


BRENTWOOD — Experts discussed ways technology can help in emergencies like active shooter situations at a security conference at the Brentwood Public Library Wednesday.

With the push of a button on a smart phone, computer or a wall mounted device, the technology will lock doors of the building and call police to the scene of the emergency. Experts say speeding up the process of a lockdown can save lives.

The conference keynote speaker, Suffolk Police Commissioner Tim Sini, spoke about issues affecting safety in the area, including gun violence.

The police will be partnering with private vendors like Intralogic Solutions by utilizing the latest technology to increase safety at public places like a library.

Security expert and CEO of Intralogic Solutions, Lee Mandel, spoke about what more can be done to increase public security.

"It's understanding, assessing, looking at the threats, really training the staff on properly using the technology, using the procedures, letting the right people in, letting the wrong people stay out. So I think it's a lot of policy and procure, and then the technology helps alongside with that," Mandel said.

Officials say the one button lockdown is already in 80 percent of school districts on Long Island and they're hoping to bring it to more places like libraries.

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