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PD: Male human remains found in Roosevelt wooded area

Authorities say they’re slowly canvassing the 27-acre lot to ensure safety and that nothing is left uncovered


ROOSEVELT — Nassau County confirmed Friday that male human remains were found on a massive piece of property, 27 acres in total, and the search continues.

Police say they do not know who this man is but they do know that the search is tedious.They warn for people in the area to be careful in the somewhat dangerous conditions; the police are also taking their time to ensure they don't miss anything.

“While we were in there searching, we've identified locations that we were interested in. It might look like a grave site. We've done an extensive, slow search of that site and what we have found are human remains,” said Nassau County Police Dept. Det. Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick.

As FiOS1 News has reported, a tip received by Homeland Security led officers to the end of West Greenwich Avenue in Roosevelt, an area comprised of acres and acres of woods and water.

“It's a big area. The terrain is kind of treacherous in certain spots. In fact one of our detectives broke his ankle back there yesterday. We're moving slow. We don't want anyone to get hurt,” Fitzpatrick said.

Dozens of members of law enforcement from the Nassau Police Dept., to Dept. of Homeland Security, to the FBI have been on scene, all joining together in the search. On Friday, Nassau police got assistance from New York State police along with their K9s.

The area being searched is county-owned land and not open to the public, therefore it is surrounded by fences.

“There's a lot of trees, there’s a lot of hills and terrain, there’s a lot of concrete slabs back there. There's a pond. If you look at a map you'll see back there,” Fitzpatrick said.

“It's always been a beautiful area, very well maintained by the county and town and it's always been beautiful to come and look at. So it's unfortunate that such a thing could happen,“ said resident Kerry Lampkin, whose home is adjacent to the land that law enforcement continues to search.

Area residents have said that people are known to enter the prohibited land with fishing poles in tow, presumably heading toward that pond inside.

It's unclear if this search will ultimately encompass the entire 27 acres or just how long it will continue. Det. Lt. Fitzpatrick said the search will go on for as long as it takes.

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