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Malverne school district pours over safety measures to tighten security

Police train staff, students for active shooter situation


MALVERNE — In light of the deadly school shooting in Florida, schools on Long Island are taking another look at their safety measures. Security cameras at schools in the Malverne School District watch what's going on inside and out. Staff members say they've had this system in place for years, but they're re-evaluating safety measures after the Florida school shooting.

"If anything happens in our building, we can see on our cameras what's happening, and the Malverne Police Department can also see what's happening in our buildings," said Spiro Colaitis, assistant superintendent of district operations.

The school district partners with Malverne police so officers can train staff and students on safety procedures during an active shooter situation.

"We might actually be able to visually see the incident transpiring live on the screens. I can dispatch officers to the scene prior to even 911 calls coming in," Malverne Police Lt. Jason Moss said.

Both school officials and police didn't want to comment on whether they think armed guards should be placed at schools in light of the Florida shooting, but Sen. Chuck Schumer says no to guns at schools.

"Every expert I've talked to says that is not the solution. Not just the teachers, but law enforcement and everybody else. Our law enforcement are the people trained to do this and do this well. I'd rather back them up than give teachers guns," he said.

Intralogic Solutions CEO Lee Mandel says he's hearing from schools around the country wanting to beef up their lock-down procedures and strengthen security.

"Anything we sell a school district is not going to stop an active shooter. But the key is really getting law enforcement there quick. Good information, quick information is going to really save the situation and potentially save lives," he said.

Mandel says his company is currently working with 48 school districts in Nassau County and 35 in Suffolk, tying the districts together with their local and county police.

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