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Man dies after being pulled out of water at Robert Moses State Park

Officials say the man was in his early 60s


ROBERT MOSES STATE PARK — A man was found in the surf this afternoon and, despite the efforts of beachgoers and first responders, he did not make it.

Just after one o'clock in the afternoon beachgoers walking along the beach saw a man in the surf, according to George Gorman, the deputy regional director for New York State Parks Long Island.

“It appears he was alone. He was on the beachfront about half a mile from field 3, east of field 3, in an area not protected by lifeguards and it was a more remote area of the park,” Gorman said.

Gorman says the beachgoers immediately called 911 and says one of them began CPR. EMTs and state park police arrived and a defibrillator was used. Despite everyone's efforts, the man who is in his early 60s didn't make it. Good Samaritan Hospital in West Islip confirmed the death. The cause of death is unknown.

“The New York State Park Police are investigating. Until that investigation is complete, we won't know. They're gonna’ be talking to the medical examiner's office and then a final determination is going to be made. The individual was found in the surge but we don't know if it was a drowning or a heart attack,” Gorman said.

Officials always stress to swim within areas that are lifeguard protected.

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