Krista McNallyMar 12, 2018, 5:31 pmMar 12, 2018, 10:48 pm

Man with alleged road rage uses baseball bat to wreck vehicles, hurt drivers

Suspect could not be stopped with police presence, stun gun


GREAT NECK — Nassau County police say that a road rage incident involving three cars in Great Neck ended with police shooting and killing the suspect. Two victims have been sent to the hospital.

At 10:30 Monday morning, a car stopped at a stop sign on Maple Street, and the driver got out of his car with a baseball bat when another driver behind him honked his car horn. The driver with the bat hit the vehicle and smashed the driver’s side window, but that driver stayed in his car. Then, the suspect approached a second vehicle and smashed its window. That driver got out of his van, and, according to police, the suspect hit him in the head with the bat.

An officer on routine patrol followed the suspect to nearby Equinox Fitness, where he order for him to put down the bat. The officer tried to use a stun gun, but it didn’t work. A good Samaritan tried to help, but the suspect also hit him with the bat. Then, the suspect charged at the officer, who instructed for the man to put down the bat. When that didn’t happen, the police officer then shot and killed the suspect.

Police had the roads closed around Equinox gym all afternoon. They closed the gym as well.

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